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More or less 30 miles (50 Km) away is Venezia and the Brenta Riviera with its number of imposing renaissance villas whose design and decoration was carried out by great architects and painters like Palladio, Conte Frigimelica, Scamozzi, Longhena, Zelotti, Giannantonio Pellegrini, Tiepolo, Guarana and Zais.

Those who fancy indulging in the exploration of wine and food “art”, tasting local dishes and products or sampling good wine can take a tour on the Colli Euganei area where a number of welcoming restaurants can be found. For sure whoever comes along with the RC car enthusiasts to our venue will find in nature, art, culture, entertainments, good food and spa treatments plenty of good time and enjoyment.

Due Carrare's territory is located near the Colli Euganei. A number of historical monuments are open to tourists here. Among others the unmissible ancient abbay of Santo Stefano (year 1027) or the Museo dell'Aria hosted inside the San Pelagio castle where Gabriele D'annunzio planned his flight over Wien on board of his aircraft.
Catajo castleand the Museo Civico della Navigazione Fluviale (River Navigation Museum).  Within a few miles, immersed in the green of Colli Euganei is Arquà Petrarca the home town of the poet Francesco Petrarca whose house is open for visiting.
Abano Termeand Montegrotto Terme which offer a broad selection of beauty farms where it is possible to enjoy massages and spa treatments, in over 220 hotels.
Monselice followed by the fortified towns of Este and Montagnana.
Padua is approximately 9 miles away. Here the famous Giotto's paintings can be admired inside the Cappella degli Scovegni and University of Padua (1222 a.d.) Galileo Galiei’s house in the 1592-1610 a.d. Also open for visiting is the Basilica of Sant’Antonio looking on the adjacent Prato della Valle the largest square in Europe, and the botanic garden.


Via dell’Industria, 2/A
35020 Due Carrare (Padova)

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