INDOOR track Off-Road(v2010a) data sheet

Surface type: clay
Average length: 300 m (311.7 yards)
Overall minimum width: 4 m (4.8 yards)
Off-Road track area: 2000 mq (21527 square foot)

INDOOR track Off-Road Carpet (v 2010a) data sheet

Surface type: carpet
Average length: configurable
Overall minimum width: configurable
On-Road track area: 950 mq (10256 square foot)

INDOOR building data sheet and features

Indoor area: 3680 mq (39611 square foot)
Boxes: 220 numbered seats with 220 Volt AC sockets 
Engine test boxes: 20 boxes equipped with compressed air and water
Air turnover rate off-road area: 6 per hour
Permanent electronic time-keeping system
Lighting: 350/500 lux at ground level
Drivers platform: length 16 m (17.5 yards), width 2.5 m (2.7 yards), height 3.2 m (3.5 yards)
Air conditioned in referee and technical inspection cabin
Spectators stalls


RC models' shop
First aid room
Parking: 300 cars and 40 camper


• The INDOOR track On-Road is available like shop area during most popular events (950 mq).
• The whole structure is accessible to disabled people in compliance with current regulations. (Legge 13/89 e del D.M. nr. 236/89).


Via dell’Industria, 2/A - 35020 Due Carrare (Padova) Italia

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